B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering

Qualified scientists, experienced academicians, along with cutting-edge technical resources, strategic industry linkages and state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities combine to give value addition to BTech degree in the following courses of engineering at Brainware Group of Institutions:


The objective of the Electrical Engineering Program is to produce graduates able to:
PEO1. Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering to identify, formulate, and solve electrical engineering problems.
PEO2. Use industry standard tools to analyze, design, develop and test electrical based systems.
PEO3. Continue to develop their knowledge and skills after graduation in order to succeed personally and contribute to employer success.
PEO4. Advance in multidisciplinary engineering careers within the context of Electrical Engineering beginning with either entry-level positions in industry or postgraduate studies in electrical engineering and related fields.
PEO5. Communicate their thoughts, in both written and oral forms, so that others can comprehend and build on their work.
PEO6. Appreciate the importance of ethics in the profession and the need to act in society's best interest.