Brainware's Journey to the Sun and Back

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Brainware's Journey to the Sun and Back

Our students were witness to a remarkable event on the May 17, 2017, as Prof. Dipankar Banerjee of Indian Institute of Astrophysics; member of the Royal Astronomical and International Astronomical Society; associate editor of the international journal Solar Physics, enthralled their imagination and took them on an incredible journey around the Sun in a one-day seminar organized by the Department of Electrical Engineering. The topic was- Our Nearest Star the Sun and India's first Space Mission Aditya.

As he unraveled the mysteries of the Sun, Prof. Banerjee spoke at length about the various branches of Physics and Astronomy like Optical Astronomy, Atomic Physics and Plasma Physics and how these all continue to contribute to the overall knowledge about the subject. Using examples from daily life, Prof. Banerjee went through every little detail about the sun from its atmosphere to its core, to its magnetic fields and all the various reactions going on inside it.

He stressed that his purpose in not just to deliver an academic lecture but also to inspire the students to take up challenging, diversified and less explored domains like Solar Physics.

As he spoke extensively about Aditya, the low-earth orbiting satellite, India's first Solar mission, Prof. Banerjee stressed on the fact that the onus lay on the bright young minds to fill in the gaps as the Indian Space Industry is looking to fulfill its potential. He observed how the Indian Space Program is picking up speed and emphasized on the opportunities available to the scholars of tomorrow to be a part of something new and exciting, and to be of service to one's country and mankind.

We are thankful to Prof. Banerjee for allowing an interactive session of questions and answers, as well as inspiring students with his words of enlightenment.