Student Council Committee

“Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other’s welfare, social justice can never be attained.” Following these lines by famous personality Helen Keller, Brainware Group of Institutions, a leading Engineering Institution in West Bengal, has taken the responsibility to build a Student Council to encourage students to promote integrity and responsibility towards various activities.

Student Council is an organization conducted by students and supervised by faculty and staff. Its purpose is to provide programs, activities and services which serve the co-curricular, cultural, social, recreational and educational interest of students at the institute.

1.Composition of the student Council

Sl. No. Clubs Name Council Designation
1. Dr. Subhasis Banerjee
2. Mr. Pulak Patra
Dy. Registrar
3. Ms. Anandita Das
Assistant Professor, HU
4. Cultural Club (Drama, Music, Dance, Painting) Ms. Anandita Das
Assistant Professor, HU
Ms. Romita Banerjee Student Member
Ms. Keya Paul Student Member
Mr. Swarnava Basak Student Member
Mr. Subhajit Khasnavish Student Member
5. Academics & Research Club (Robotics etc.) Mr. Pankaj Kr. Sanda
Faculty Member, ECE
Faculty-in-charge (Research)
Mr. Manab Maiti
Faculty Member, Chemistry
Faculty-in-charge (Academics)
Mr. Deb
Mr. Ritwick Dey Student Member
Mr. Soumen Panda Student Member
Mr. Srirup Debnath Student Member
Mr. Snehashsis Saha Student Member
6. Sports Club Mr. Subhanjan Majumdar
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Mr. Sayan Chandra Student Member
Mr. SK. Sahil Mohammad Student Member
7. Language Club Ms. Monamie Mukherjee Assistant Professor, HU Faculty-in-charge
Ms. Oindrila Dutta
Assistant Professor, HU
Faculty Member
Ms. Neha Chatterjee Student Member
Mr. Rupam Chowdhury Student Member
8. Photography & Nature Club Mr. Satyabrata Podder Faculty-in-charge
Mr. Debjyoti Bag Student Member
Mr. Surajit Pal Student Member
Mr. Debjyoti Das Student Member
Mr. Debjyoti Mohanta Student Member
  1. Cultural Club will be responsible for Cultural Fest, miscellaneous cultural Events, Alumni Meet Cultural Events, Special Day celebrations etc.
  2. Academics and Research Club will be responsible for collection of Mentoring of Fresher and Juniors, Feedbacks, Technical Fest, Robotics, various student projects and publications
  3. Language Club will be responsible for Publication of newsletters, wall magazines and magazines, for holding debates, extempore, national language day celebrations etc.
  4. Sports club will be responsible for holding various intra- and inter-collegiate sports events
  5. Photography & nature Club will be responsible for photo walks and other photography events, earth day and world environment day celebrations, various green campus and environmental activities.

2. Objectives:

  1. To make the students responsible citizens by initiating, implementing projects and various activities that will be beneficial for all the stakeholders of the institute.
  2. To encourage development of leadership qualities through participation in various intra- and inter-collegiate events. 
  3. To generate a fellow feeling and a sense of belonging among students, by providing them with a positive involvement in the institute, with widened areas of educational and other responsibilities.
  4. To promote an awareness of Human Relations, Peace and Harmony, respect for Law and Orders, and general Welfare of the Institute.
  5. To improve understanding between and within groups through interaction and communications, ultimately leading to more student expression and increase in self-direction.

3. Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The candidate must be a regular, full time student of the Institute and should have attained the minimum percentage of attendance as prescribed by Institute.
  2. The candidate shall not have a previous criminal record and shall not have been subjected to any disciplinary action by the Institute authorities.
  3. The candidate should not have any dues to the Institute.

4. Duties and Responsibilities of the council:

  1. Smooth conduction of National/International days as set by the Institute Academic council every year.
  2. Smooth Conduction of the Institute Annual Day and Foundation Day every year.
  3. Conducting Fresher’s day every year.
  4. Prevention of ragging in the campus through counseling senior students, helping the administration whenever necessary.
  5. Helping the administration in smooth conduct of student activities on the campus.
  6. Organize the programs in the campus to improve the cleanliness and greenery in campus.
  7. Any activity to improve the knowledge and innovative skills of the campus students.
  8. Maintenance of the peace and harmony among campus community in General and student community in particular.