Alumni Meet

Brainware Group of Institutions, one of the most prosperous engineering colleges in Kolkata, arranges the Alumni Meet annually with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. As one completes his academic career and enters the professional world, his life becomes burdened with duties and responsibilities. The memories of the golden days of youth lie buried in their hearts forever. It is only through reunions and alumni meets that the cobwebs on the lost forgotten days can be removed and the past can be revisited. It is an occasion when the ex- pupils of a college or university gather at their Alma Mater and walk down the boulevard of the by gone days, overwhelmed with nostalgia. Brainware Group of Institutions, like every year, hosted an Alumni Meet, ‘Phire Dekha’ on 23rd of December, 2017 at the Barasat campus for the former students to reconnect themselves with the institution. Such occasions give them a chance to visit the place once they frequented, recollect their moments of joy and merriment at the college and share their experiences. It certainly provides the visitors with the opportunity to interact with others, keep their remembrances afresh and cherish the time they have valued all their lives.