Labs and Workshops

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering is one of the top-tiered disciplines in engineering. And the Department at Brainware prioritizes the furtherance of its scholars. The faculty is actively involved in research works that are accomplished with the participation of eager students. Besides the faculty cultivates in the students an eagerness to learn, instills in them contemporary knowledge, and emboldens them to take up challenges in the global arena. The ECE lab is well equipped with training kits like Advanced MIC Trainer, Antenna Trainer, GSM Mobile Communication Trainer, Optical Fibre Communication Trainer, Satellite Communication Trainer, and so on.

A list of the lab equipments is detailed below:

Basic Electronics Lab

  • Electronic Components kit
  • Electrical Device & Measuring Equipment, Like DC Power Supply, Multimeter
  • Study on Characteristics of FET kit
  • Determination of Input Offset Voltage, Input Bias Current & Slew Rate of Op-Amp kit
  • Determination of Common Mode Rejection Ratio(CMRR), Bandwidth & Offset Null of Op-Amp kit
  • Study The Input & Output Characteristics Curve for Transistor
  • Study on V-I Characteristics of Junction Diode kit
  • Study on V-I Characteristics of Zener Diode kit
  • Study of Half Wave & Full Wave Rectifier with Filter & Without Filter kit

Analog Electronics Lab

  • Class A Power Amplifier Kit
  • D.A.C & A.D.C. Trainer kit
  • VCO and PLL trainer kit
  • 555 Timer kit
  • Tuned Amplifier Trainer Kit
  • Push-Pull Trainer Kit
  • Two stage RC Coupled Amplifier kit
  • Clipper & Clamper Circuit Trainer Kit
  • CRO
  • Function generator
  • CRO Probe(BNC connecting probeCrocodile clip)

Digital Electronics Lab

Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab

  • Microprocessor Trainer Kit (Model No.- MME 85S) with 1 Power Supply unit and 1 Power Cable
  • Basic 8085 Microprocessor Trainer (Model No.- MP 85) with 1 Adapter and 1 Power Jack
  • 8051 Microcontroller Trainer Kit (Model no.- MC 51) with 1 Adapter, 1 Power Jack and 1 PS-2 Keyboard
  • Advanced Microcontroller Trainer Kit (Model No.- MCS 51) with 1 Dice, 3 Ribbon Cables, 18 numbers of 2mm Patch cords, 1 AWA Jack and 1 Remote Control
  • Digital Multimeter (Model No.- XL830L)

VLSI Design Lab

EM Theory and Transmission Lab

Microwave Test Bench
Microwave Test Bench (Klystron Power Supply NV102)
Microwave Test Bench (SWR Meter)
Antenna trainer [ St2262]:
1. Transmitting Antennas
  • Dipole l/2
  • Yagi UDA Folded Dipole (3 E)
  • Yagi UDA Folded Dipole (5 E)
  • Yagi UDA Dipole (7 E)
  • Yagi UDA Dipole (5 E)
  • Horizontal End Fed Hertz Antenna
  • Loop Antenna
  • Helix Antenna
  • l/2 Phase Array
  • Log Periodic Antenna
  • Detector Antenna

2. Current Prod

3. Mounting stands

4. BNC-Tee

5. BNC-BNC adapter M

6. BNC-BNC adapter F

7. BNC-BNC cable

8. Operating manual & student work book

9. BNC (m) - BNC(f) Adapter

10. Matching stub

11. Radiation Pattern Plotting Software

12. Text Book Antennas by John D.Kraus

13. Polar graph (2 types)

14. Antenna fabrication kit


Advanced MIC Trainer


Pulse Code Modulation Kit-DCL-03 FALCON
Pulse Code De-modulation Kit
Data conditioning and reconditioning Kit
ASK/FSK/PSK- Modulation & Demodulation kit
DELTA/SIGMA - DELTA & ADAPTIVE DELTA Modulation and demodulation
Analog signal sampling and reconstruction kit


PSpice Schematics 9.1

Advanced Communication Lab

GSM Mobile Communication Trainer Kit(EB-115 Mobile Telephony Communication System)
GPS trainer kit(ST-2276)
Optical Fiber Communication Trainer Kit(ST-2502)
Satellite Communication Trainer Kit(Satellite Transponder, Satellite Transmitter, Satellite Receiver)
Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Digital Function GeneratorCaddo-4061
Spectrum Analyzer(Rigol DSA1030)