Labs and Workshops

The Department of Computer Science is one of the most well established departments in the discipline of engineering. The Department at Brainware is much organised. The aim is to impart education of the highest quality to the young minds, imbue them with specialized training, provide opportunities for innovation and research, and inspire them to be knowledgeable, professional, and competent. Most of its erstwhile students are now satisfactorily employed in TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS, CTS, IBM, and Amazon.

The Department also boasts the college topper of the academic year 2010-14.

A list of the lab equipments is detailed below:

Basic Electronics Lab

Among thousands of modern high level programming languages, the classics are not yet forgotten. This laboratory program initiates the very foundation of the programming skills for the students from every engineering stream. Students get accustomed in developing a program using different system environments. It is noteworthy that this very basic knowledge is required even at the end of their course where they appear for technical interviews in placement drives.

Data Structure Lab

This laboratory has state-of-the-art infrastructure for implementing Data Structure using C. This is a very important topic for students of computer science as it trains them how to use C programming skills for complex problems of handling the data. An in depth training curriculum is maintained for skill development.

Algorithm Analysis LAB

It is not only computation but efficient computation. Using basic training of C programming and data structure implementation students learn how to implement an algorithmic solution for complex problems. This topic has huge importance for advanced study in computer science. Hence an intriguing course is adapted and followed here for the inquisitive minds.

Object Oriented Programming LAB

With the basic programming skills of C now it is time for learning a new paradigm of programming which is getting popular day by day. We use C++ and Java as their training platform all along their course. The never ending demand of efficient java developer demands hard core training on the specific language. This is not just a part of syllabus but pupils are welcome even if they do not have that in their curriculum.

Software Tools LAB

As snippets of codes form a complete program, collections of programs compile a whole software system. This lays a foundation stone for the development skill required to build a complete operational information system as used in industry. Thus the utility of this lab is unquestionable.

Database Management LAB

Computer science and information technology is all about information. But where we will put it? How we will put it? Students learn here all the necessary skills to manage and manipulate data in an industry standard packages. This lab offers two segments of course. In the first part all the basics of Query are taught and in the second part more advanced operations including Database Transaction is handled. Just like data structure and C lab this knowledge is extremely essential to crack a technical interview to secure a job as developer.

Operating System LAB

You can do nothing if you cannot create a file. Operating system is all about managing files and users. Students learn to administer the priviledges and operate from the core of the Unix system. We use a special highly integrated linux distribution developed in Brainware for this training.

Computer Graphics, Image Processing and Multimedia

Indeed, pictures tell a thousand words. We dedicate a lab for handling high level information in the form of image and graphics. In graphics section we teach how to generate an image and in the image processing section students learn how to process digital images using MATLAB.

Artificial Intelligence LAB

In this lab students learn about programming logic for machines. Modern world is deploying machines to do tasks that was once best executed by human. Programming language like PROLOG is used here for writing programs that can think logically. As the logic programming is an entirely new concept in fields of Computer science we give special attention in this training.

Architecture LAB

A well-furnished and spacious architecture lab gives provision to accomplish the experiment related to digital logic circuit, computer organisation and microprocessor 8085. A wide range of equipment is also available so that each student can carry out the complex experiment individually. A handful number of Microprocessor 8085 based kits are available such that a dedicated kit can be provided to each of the student to carry out their assignment.