Labs and Workshops

Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering is one of the most well established departments in the discipline of engineering. And Brainware offers a detailed undergraduate program in civil engineering. The Department is well furnished with Industry Level Highway Transportation lab, Geology lab, Concrete lab, and Soil lab among others. The department actively encourages collaborative projects, seminars, workshops and is also associated with various consultancy activities. Furthermore, it has significantly contributed to innovation through the tech fest.

A list of the lab equipment is detailed below:

Soil Mechanics Lab

  LIST OF equipment
Triaxial apparatus
Specific gravity bottle
Sand replacement test equipment
Core cutter equipment
Is sieves. 4.75, 2.36, 1.18, 600, 300, 150, 75, 425, pan
Hot air oven
Rapid moisture meter
Plastic Limit Equipment
Shrinkage Limit Equipment
Proctor compaction test equipment
Variable head permeameter
Cone penetrometer
Specific gravity bottle 50ml
Consolidation apparatus
Liquid Limit Equipment
Direct shear apparatus
Vane shear apparatus
Sample extractor
Unconfined compressor test apparatus

Concrete Lab

  LIST OF equipment
Slump cone with base plate &tamping rod
Digital weight machine 150 kg.
Compacting factor testing machine 10cm dia, 1000cc capacity.
Compressive strength testing machine
Vicat apparatus
Le-Chatelier apparatus
Rebound hammer
Flexure testing machine
Sieve shaker
Le- Chatelier flux
Hot plate + stall pan
Vibrating table
Needle Vibrator
Concrete Mixer Machine

Survey Lab

  LIST OF equipment
Transit vernier theodolite
Total Station
Optical square
Cross staff
Prismatic compass
Surveyor's compass
Dumpy level
Levelling staff (4m)
Plane table with accessories
Steel Tape (30M), Survey Chains (30M)
Ranging rod
Field book
Level book
Steel arrow
Wooden peg

Highway & Transportation Engineering Lab

  LIST OF equipment
Marshall apparatus for mix design of asphalt concrete
Benkelman beam
Flakiness and elongation testing apparatus
Thin film oven testing machine ( max. temperature 1630 C)
CBR testing machine
Los-Angeles abrasion testing machine
Dynamic Cone Penetrometre (for pavement)
Softening Point apparatus
Impact load testing machine
Flash and fire point apparatus
Water bath (Min. 50C and Max. temperature 600C)
Hot air oven (max. temperature 4000C)
Weighing machine
Specific gravity


  LIST OF equipment
Wooden Crystal Models
Transparent Plastic Crystal models
Mineral Hand specimens
Rock Hand Specimen
Moh's Scale hardness box with a streak plate , a strong magnet
Hardness testing kit with plates, one pocket lens
Horse shoe magnet
Streak Plate

Fluid Mechanics Lab

  LIST OF equipment
Centrifugal Pump Test Set-Up
Flow-Over Notch Apparatus
Flow Through Orifice-Mouthpiece Apparatus
Pitot-Tube Test Apparatus
Reciprocating Pump Test Set-Up
Venturimeter-Orificemeter Apparatus
Francis Turbine Test Set-Up
Pelton-Wheel Turbine Test Set-Up