Activity : Management and Commerce

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Year 2018

1. Seminar on ‘Information Security’ by Mr. Sinchan Banerjee, Head, Information Security, Linde Group on 20/01/2018

2. Seminar on ‘Innovation Management’ by Dr. Joy Mukhopadhyay, Academic Supervisor, University of Warwick, UK on 31/01/2018.

3. Seminar on ‘Operations Management’ by Dr. Ranjan Ghosh, Mentor, IIM Kashipur on 06/02/2018.

4. Seminar on ‘Entrepreneurship Development’ by three guest speakers on 06/02/2018. Speakers are

a) Mr. Amiya Kumar Kalidaha, Senior Scientific Officer, Department of Higher Education, Science and Technology and Bio Technology.

b) Mr. Sandip Sen, Chairman, Technocon Services

c) Mr. Syama Prasad Datta, Chairman (RDF), Institution of Engineers (India).

5. Seminar on ‘Mutual Fund Operations’ by Mr. Paras Pincha, Auditor, Peerless Group on 27/02/2018

Year 2017

Talks on “Analysis of Central Budget-2017” scheduled on 17th Feb. 2017:

Dr. Ashok Kumar Mukherjee – Industrial Growth & Budget 2017

Dr. Kaushik Banerjee – Social Issues & Union Budget 2017

Mr. Uttiya Basu – Impact of Union Budget 2017 on Direct and Indirect Taxes

Mr. Anil Bandapadhyay – Impact of Union Budget-2017 on India’s Foreign Trade

Mr. Aditya Ganguly - "Skill Enhancement/Training Initiative" of Govt. of India as mentioned in the Budget 2017

Mrs. Sanghamitra Brahma – Union Budget-2017: Impact on the Common Man

Mrs. Moumita Chatterjee- Relevance of Union Budget 2017 in current changing circumstances

Dr. Anirban Mandal – Union Budget 2017: Indirect Booster for Rural Urban Consumption

Mr. Sudipto De – Effect of Budget 2017 on Banking Sector

1. Seminar on ‘Commodity Exchange Functions’ by Mr. Bibhor Tandon, AVP, Max India Ltd. on 09/09/2017

2. Seminar on ‘Entrepreneurship Development’ by Mr. Suvabrata Bhattacharjee, East India Co- ordinator, NEN, 25/10/2017

3. Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp, in collaboration with DST, Government of WB, February 22-24th, 2017.

4. IPR workshop, our office has nominated following scientists to address the participants of the one day IPR workshop organised by your organization on 14th September 2017:

5. Smt. Paramita Saha, Scientist B, Patent Information Centre, WBSCST and Patent Attorney.

6. Smt. Sangita Sengupta, Project Scientist I, Patent Information Centre, WBSCST and Patent Attorney.

Year 2016

1. Lectures on “Capital Market” on 10.02.2016. Guest Speaker: Mr. Sripriya Senthil Kumar, DGM, Calcutta Stock Exchange & Mr. Anirban Kundu, CSE, Calcutta Stock Exchange.

Mr. Kumar and Mr. Kundu organized Business Quiz Program for the students. Three teams had been selected for participation in the final round as arranged by the Calcutta Stock Exchange. Certificates had been provided to the students.

2. Seminar on “Marketing Mix in Competitive Market Environment - The Do’s And Don'ts” by Prof. Asok Banerjee, from IIM, Kolkata, Former HOD, Management, IISWBM on 28th Sept 2016

3. Seminar on "SHAPING YOUNG MINDS" Moving from Campus to Corporate” by Dr. Arun Kumar Sinha, Ex Senior Vice President – HR & Business Excellence, Domestic Textile Business, Aditya Birla Group, on 25th October, 2016

Year 2015

1. Lecture on “The role of Technology and Management in Emerging Business” on 10.10.2015. Guest Speaker: Mr. Santanu Sengupta, MD of Britannia Engineering Ltd. & Wastinghouse Saxby Farmer Ltd. and alumna of IIT Kharagpur and IIM Calcutta.