Student Welfare Committee

The Student Welfare Committee of Brainware Group of Institutions ensures welfare of the student community in every aspect and functions with the following objectives:

  • Enhancement of student facilities to bring peaceful and integrated environment in college campus
  • Enrichment of students’ life and their experiences in the college campus.
  • To deal with all relevant student issues including psychological issues by providing a platform and suggesting appropriate solutions.
  • Boost students’ self-confidence, self-dependence, autonomy, leadership skills.
  • To organize and facilitate orientation program for the freshers.

SWC members are:


  • Prof. (Dr.) Subhasish Banerjee (Principal) Chairman
  • Prof. (Dr.) Shyamal Kumar Chatterjee (Executive Director) Member
  • Prof. (Dr.) N.C Das (Academic Director) Member
  • Prof. (Dr.) Shyamal Goswami (HOD, ME, Director, Research & Innovations) Member
  • Prof. (Dr.) J.C. Hazra (HOD, Chemistry) Member
  • Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Dutta (HOD, EE) Member
  • Mr. Pulak Patra (Deputy. Registrar (Acting)) Member
  • Ms. Sananda Biswas (Assistant Professor, EE) Convener
  • Mr. Subhanjan Majumdar (Assistant Professor, Chemistry) Member
  • Mr. Sujan Bandhu Chakraborty (Assistant Librarian) Member
  • Mr. Subhankar Bhattacharya ((Boys Hostel Superintendent) Member
  • Ms. Debjani Chakraborty (Girls Hostel Superintendent) Member
  • Mr. Mrinal Mohan Bhattacharya (Training and Placement Officer) Member
  • Mr. Sanjib Kar (Admin. Member) Member
  • Mr. Sankar Ghosh (Admin. Member) Member
  • Ms. Navnita Bose (Student Counselor) Member