Brainware Group of Institutions, Barasat established IQAC with effect from November 2017 & the members are:

  • Dr. Sanghamitra Kundu (Principal) Chairman
  • Mr. Pulak Patra (Deputy Registrar (Acting)) Member
  • Dr. Sanghamitra Kundu (Associate Professor & HOD, CE) Coordinator
  • Professor (Dr.) Joydev Hazra (Professor & HOD, Chemistry) Faculty Member
  • Mr. Sujanbandhu Chakraborty (Assistant Librarian) Member
  • Mr. Mrinal Mohan Bhattacharya (TPO) Faculty Member
  • Dr. Kaushik Banerjee (Associate Professor & HOD, Management) Faculty Member
  • Ritwick Dey (Student) Student Member
  • Avantika Agarwal (Alumni) Student Member
  • Avijit Saha (Alumni) Student Member

The IQAC is required to make a significant and meaningful contribution in both the pre- and post-accreditation phase of institutions as well as for further cyclic accreditation of NAAC. Keeping this in view, a steering committee has been formed who'll continuously function towards maintaining updated records of all institutional developments.

Brainware Group of Institutions established NAAC Steering Committee with effect from November 2017.